Advantages Of Hosting Expert Advisor (EA) On Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Published: 13th January 2012
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Is the benefits of using VPS match the price every month to rent it? Check out the advantages and decide for yourself!

A virtual private server abbreviated as VPS is basically a hosted server that is designed to run on the computer. Due to its design, the running computer hosted server can be easily accessed directly either through a PC or laptop. Besides, the design of virtual private server allows execution and operation in a way similar to a standalone computer. On the other hand, expert advisor is a tool designed to provide an insightful analysis of the market so that the trader can base on this when making trading decision. The benefits of hosting expert advisor on virtual private server have several benefits as you will learn below.

Increased performance of expert advisor

The first great benefit of hosting expert advisor on virtual private server is the resulting increased performance. Hosting your expert advisor on virtual private server greatly increases its performance. However, this systemís effectiveness will essentially depends on the decision to use reliable internet connection and profitable system. Without this, there are slim chances you will enjoy the ultimate benefit of increased performance of your expert advisor when hosting it on virtual private server. Using expert advisor to create a good trading system is very disgusting if it is affected by frequent downtime that subsequently leads to missing trades.

Limited downtime

As illustrated above, it is very disgusting to be affected by missing internet connection when you are trading. When the expert advisor is hosted on virtual private server, there is guarantee of limited downtime incidence. To be specific, it is rare to experience downtime even for a short duration when using a virtual private server. This way, you are free of nightmare caused by unreliable internet connection as you trade. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind needed when trading. This is greatly beneficial to clients who trade using automated systems.

No internet connection needed

The need to have internet connection is eliminated by the use of virtual private server. Once you have an account with the right provide, you can easily sign in and start trading even when there is no internet connection. You only need to sign into the system in a similar way you sign into your computer. When you have this system in place, there is no requirement to own a computer, power or internet connection. It is just a simple as that. The system is independently hosted making this very possible to run your expert advisor.

Increased execution speed

One of the most outstanding benefits of hosting your expert advisor on virtual private server is the ultimate ability to increase the trade execution speed. The subsequent elimination of internet downtime while trading is part of the main reason for this increased speed. When using virtual private server, you enjoy potentially zero internet downtime. Clients who have been affected worse internet connection experience increased execution speed when they switch to use virtual private server. This is because their trades are connected to a dedicated server. This increased speed is very possible even if you have a slow computer.


There are several benefits of hosting your expert advisor on virtual private server. Other than what is covered above, you will enjoy other additional benefits such as low latency, high internet uptime of up to 99.9%, amongst other more. Nonetheless, when choosing, select virtual private server provider who can give reliable service during your entire trading hours. Also, the provider you use should guarantee full security and privacy of your trade dealings. The last thing you need to consider is the cost effectiveness of the solution.

A VPS could help your EA much to run at its greatest functionality, but it does notneed to be expensive. Understand Exness review and Roboforex review for the details of 2 excellent brokerages that provide free VPS service. This could lessen your monthly spending drastically considering that a decent VPS could cost as much as $100/month.

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